Now Hair This!

I have officially found my favorite new accessory for the Winter (and odds are much longer)! I have always loved funky hairpieces and tried to use the 'Holiday Season' as an excuse to adventure out with hip new head wear. But Violet Magpies amazing hair ornaments brings my intrigue to a level of obsession!

Jen Carrigan is the owner and creative mastermind behind Violet Magpie, which is responsible for making vintage and handmade designs. She combines unique one offs from estate sales, antique stores and flea market finds and adds a modern twist using feathers, broaches and more.
What I love about her wedding collection is that she offers the standard white/cream pieces that can serve a more tradition bride as well as pass for a modern veil. But if you are looking for bright colors and brilliant feathers, she has you covered!! Want the best of both worlds? Wear a more elegant piece during the ceremony and trade it in for a peacock feather during your reception! Badabing badaboom, you are fab in an instant!

You can find Violet Magpie at some local shops such as Pretty Parlor, Velouria, La Rousse and Gossamer.
Oh, and we also love Violet Magpie because they don't just selleth, they giveth away as well! A percentage of profits go to support organizations such as the WIL Fund, empowering women in developing countries and breaking cycles of poverty by providing business loans. Kudos!