Lesley and Chris make a hot night COOL!

July 25th marked the middle of summer and the busiest day in Seattle! Parades running through down town? Check! Mariners game? Check! Sounders game? Check! Sweating in the sun temp? Check! Super awesome couple getting hitched in Shilshole Bay Beach Club? Chaaa Eccckkk!

Lesley Sheehan and Chris Jackson met three years prior at a friends BBQ. She was quasi new to Seattle from the East Coast (Springsteen Country) and he was set on moving to North Carolina that very next week. After that night she continues to listen to The Boss (duh) and he never left...

Some super fun unique items about this wedding you ask?? Let's put aside his awe-inspiring chops and her hip style for a second OK? Each table had there own cake set upon an exalted homemade cake stand with funky toppers, the guests were entertained for hours with a fantabulous photobooth and the photography from Jenn Repp kept cheesy grins on faces during the sunset of a life time until the moon came up!
And as Perez would say....Completely Gratuitous Moment! Me with the Bride and Groom!

Luckily this isn't the last you have seen of Chris and Lesley...stay tuned!