Pat & Becky: From Seattle to San Diego


Hello again friends! Happy Summer! Meet Pat & Becky and get ready to absolutely SWOON over their gorg La Jolla wedding...

Pat and I go WAY back. We met my junior year of college at the University of Montana and have been thick as thieves ever since! Short story short, I moved to Seattle with our mutual best friend Andrea in August of 2004 and he moved out the following month and lived with her boyfriend (now husband of over 10 years & Pat’s groomsman), Trevor. We’ve basically been like family ever since. He is loyal, smart, hilarious, and as my mom would say, a hunk! He is the type of guy that is so great to all of the people around him, that you want nothing but the best for him in return. And I’m very happy to say, he now has that, in his new wife Becky.

Becky moved to Seattle a few years ago and was invited to a happy hour at Hula Hula by my good friend Katie Parra. Who, yes, is the photographer of the wedding. Clearly we are a very tight-knit group! Becky was warm, beautiful, outgoing, hilarious, and open to an overzealous, large group of friends who would do things like take her hiking for the first time and then to an unplanned bar crawl immediately after. Pat and I are obviously the ringleaders of this friend group  :) 

Within a year after she moved here, Pat knew she was The One and was ready to pop the question. I helped him plan a rooftop proposal at Stoneburner, one of their favorite restaurants, and then he took her back to Hulu Hula, where they first met, and I had all of our friends (who didn’t know they were coming engaged!) waiting for them!  (Quick side note, Ferris and I sang Macklemore’s "Downtown" that night and CRUSHED it! You’re still welcome Hula Hula patrons!) 

When they set the date for a destination wedding in La Jolla, near Becky’s family, I could barely contain my excitement!!!


Aren't they just absolutely stunning?!

So we planned this gorgeous oceanfront ceremony at the Cuvier Club in La Jolla and guess what? It rains. Not like, ‘oh it’s a little drizzle, we’ll wait a bit’… No, like it hadn’t rained in La Jolla in nearly four months and it was making up for lost time kind of rain. Now this will tell you how awesome Becky & Pat are, because they didn’t even care! They were cool as cucumbers to go to Plan B which was to rent a tent and have their ceremony where cocktail hour was supposed to be at the Cuvier Club. Amazing humans right there people!! Plus the rain made for some cool photo opportunities, and the tent combined with string lights and gorgeous florals made the backdrop to die for.

0240 (1).jpg
0276 (1).jpg

I have to admit, I'm kind of obsessed with how the reception decor turned out. There were so many details from the colors to the florals to the paper elements to the lights that just all came together so beautifully. Check it out for yourself!

0517 (1).jpg

Wanna know one of the best parts of having two of your favorite humans on the planet get married? They invite a ton of your other favorite humans!! You may recognize groomsmen Evan, Jake, and Trevor from previous blogs of mine. And that hot usher? That's Ferris, my husband! And those crazy cute kids leading the way down the aisle!? Elle & Carter are my god children!! I mean, our Seattle friend group alone rented a house that slept 24 of us… so not only was it a beautiful wedding, it was a PARTY!! Which you can definitely tell from the dance photos below...

Also, Pat’s last name is Hoven and Becky LOVES Jay-Z, so they walked into the reception as husband and wife to "H.O.V.A." and that is why they look like that… it was hilarious!


This was truly one of my all time favorite weddings and I am beyond the moon excited for these two! What a send off into a lifetime of happiness!

And shout out to all of the vendors below for working their magic!

Ceremony + Reception Venue- The Cuvier Club

Photographer- Katie Parra Photography

Catering- The Abbey Catering & Event Design

Florals- Four Seasons Flowers

Cake- Kuba Kreations

DJ- Sleeping Giant Music