Tom & Jen's Home Run

Jen&Tom 21.jpg

I'm not sure y'all are ready for something this beautiful, but let's give it a go! Meet Tom and Jen! Before I give you the scoop on these gorgeous humans, let's all just admire how stunning they are, shall we? 

Ok, still with me? Great! Well let's see, I met Tom about 8 years ago on... the softball field. I was the captain for my team, Here for the Beer (we are the BEST), and Tom was the pitcher for our softball (read: beer drinking) rival, Sunday Delight. Obviously we talked a massive amount of s%#! to one another over many cheap beers, but it was all in good fun.

I can remember when Jen started coming to the games and we were all SO PUMPED for Tom. He is just THE NICEST, and we were so excited for him to have an awesome girlfriend like Jen. We were even more excited when these two got engaged! So can you imagine my utter elation when they asked me to be their wedding coordinator! Lucky me!!

This is truly a couple that you just really want to be around. They are so genuine and just good, good people. They must have built up a ton of good karma over the years because they had the most gorgeous, sunny, and warm weather for their November nuptials at the Fremont Foundry.

I love their very sweet first look photos. Also, that dress!

Crimson Haze really knocked this one out of the park (see what I did there?) with their lighting effects. They projected this cathedral window lighting display inside of the Fremont Foundry during the ceremony, which was beyond awesome! Tell me those don't look like real windows?!

Before the wedding, Jen took calligraphy lessons from Letters by Ellen and got really good at it. She hand wrote all of these marble hexagon coasters, which served as table assignments for all of their guests!

They went with a very simple table design, with luxurious navy table linens and tapered candles. This along with the lighting in the ceiling provided a very intimate, romantic feel in the room.

Crimson Haze was at it again at the reception. They projected this giant chandelier on the wall, which was such a special touch to the room for dinner and dancing.

Tom and Jen had a choreographed first dance, and they were really awesome! They took lessons leading up to the wedding (I LOVE it when couples do this- so cute!) and they were definitely ready to show off their moves to all their family and friends!

Then it was time for the father-daughter dance. Jen's dad does NOT dance, and he could barely eat beforehand because he was so nervous for it. But let me tell you, he CAN dance. In fact, he KILLED IT!! The crowd went wild for him- it was awesome.

Then it was time for everyone to party! The Nines rocked it out all night, while guests had an EPIC dance party. You know it's a good time when there's a conga line involved!

This one was so super fun and personal for me! It's always fun to be involved with a friend's wedding and be able to make their big day as perfect as possible. We truly had a blast and I couldn't have done it without this all star team in my lineup. Thank you all for everything! Cheers!

Venue + Bar- Fremont Foundry

Catering- Ravishing Radish

Photography- JordanQuinn Photography

Band- The Nines

Lighting- Crimson Haze

Hair + Makeup- Salon Maison