Klara & Petr's Prague Pop Up!

When I was contacted by a couple from Prague wanting to plan an outdoor ceremony for two in Seattle on December 7th 2013 I thought it was a spam email for sure. But once I Skyped with Klara & Petr who were going to be in Seattle for a few days while following Pearl Jam on concert we immediately clicked! Klara had seen the light house at Discovery Park when she Googled Seattle and wanted to have the ceremony there. I warned her it would be cold, but it wasn't until we were on the water that she finally believed me:) But thank you mother nature for making December 7th a bluebird, perfect day!!
Reverend Jake Elliott performed the ceremony and the beyond amazing Ryan Flynn shot these gorgeous images.

Oh, and for the 1st time, I got to be a witness! Ryan and I were the only two people besides the bride & groom and Rev Jake to witness the signing of the license. So fun!

Thank you Emily Flynn for the perfect referral and for Ryan Flynn & Jake Elliott for being the best wedding guests;)