Christie & JJ Get Married!

Who is a fun couple? Christie and JJ are a fun couple! And they let the fun fly at their September 18th Wedding!

Step 1 to Fun - They chose an entertaining new venue, Urban Light Studios. The space is broken up into unique, artsy rooms like a tiki bar, library, Chinese room and a log cabin (Random tidbit...the log cabin room is from the set of Northern Exposure).

Step 2 to Fun - Hire boisterous vendors! Case in point, their photographer, Stephanie Haller! (How many of you thought I was going to say myself? Bwa hahaha! No!) Stephanie took awesome pics of the couple and their family throughout the studio. To see more pics take a look at her blog!

And while we're on the subject of 'boisterous vendors'....Christie's Italian Grandmother and Aunts prepared a delightful Italian meal! Talk about a wedding feast made with love!

Like the close ups? Shanelle of Pacific Artistry did on site hair and make-up for Christie and her bridesmaids. Who could say no to that face?!
Step 3 to Fun - Save $$! The couple was able to save pennys left and right by doing things themselves and having friends and family assist them when possible! A few examples you could do yourself are 1) They had their close friend officiate the ceremony and MC the reception. 2) Christie had a craft party where many of the decorations were put together in a cost effective manner. Bonus, she has sold many of them to a future bride! 3) The couple sent out their Save the Dates via email directing guests to their website and had a close friend do the rest of their paper design. You can find other tips throughout the blog on ways to save money as well!

An awesome picture on Greenwood Avenue outside of Urban Light Studios! It shows off Christie's gorgeous dress she purchased on Ebay which was an unworn gem from JCrew! I think I should incorporate a life size lion into all of my receptions...what do you think?! It was a definte fun photo backdrop!
Christie had found her amazing necklace on Etsy before she was engaged and had kept her eye on it for months. She loved it so much she made it her 'signature piece' for her wedding day!
The couple had an fab friend bake some delicious tiramisu cupcakes and they also had a yummy strawberry cutting cake from Simply Desserts in Fremont.
A close friend to the bride put together the bouquets, bouts and a few large arrangements for the space. And another close friend took the lead on serving and bartending!

I hope you liked the 3 Steps-o-Fun and the enjoyed the loverly images from Christie & JJ's wedding!!