Just Do It!

Sometimes you just have to take your wedding decor and style into your own hands and do it yourself! And that is just what super couple Jen and Ray Illian did for their June 4th wedding at Georgetown Studios. Showcased below are some of my favorite DIY projects from their wedding. I hope you enjoy and get some creative ideas. DIY projects are a great way to add personal touches and showcase a couples sense of style!

Meet Jen and Ray...I know, they are super cute...they are high school sweethearts...yep, that makes them even cuter!
Their 175 guests sat in two rows at rectangle tables that stretched the length of the Engine Room. Jen added a splash of color to the table decor by using turquoise hand made napkins.
To let their guests know where they would be sitting the couple wrote the guests name and table number on river rocks and created signage by displaying Goodwill purchased frames that they refurbished and spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint.
De-labeled Pellegrino bottles subbed as flower vases. The flowers for the wedding cost under $30 and were purchased the day of wedding at the Pike Place Market.
Mugly's...unfortunately it isn't the name of Seattle's newest pub. But it did act as the bar for the night of the wedding and as the guests favor. Jen and Ray collected eclectic mugs from thrift stores which served as the guests drinking glass for the evening.
To mark the table numbers Jen took a pattern out of a quilting magazine to make stuffed birds. She used extra fabric she had and filled them with rice to give them weight and shape. Basically, she is super crafty...
Tradition! Keeping a long time tradition of Jen's family alive the couple had a pinata filled with candy for guests to take a whack at! Please note the awesome dress Jen is wearing made by local designer, Chrissy Wai-Ching.
Just to name a few other cool ideas this budget conscience couple did to make their wedding special and affordable...they did all of their invitations online, they had a friend officiate their ceremony, an iPod was used for dinner music, they had Veraci Pizza cater (their moms made salads) and their dessert was personal cheesecakes from the Confectional. All photos were taken by their friend photographer, Erica Nomura - nicely done!