Hooray for Fab Weddings!

A round of applause for Tonja Brown & Matt Russell! Aah, I love weddings! Well duh...but seriously, this one was tremendous! Matt and Tonja were married at the Golden Gardens Bathhouse on April 17th and here are a few pictures from one of my fav photographers, Jenn Repp to show you some fun details!

They started the day off at the Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle...I know, they are a frick'n cute couple!

Before going to GG the bridal party took a slight detour and hit up a true Ballard hangout, King's Hardware for some Rainier beers and super dandy pictures!
One of my 'pick of the litter' pics is of the groom and his men in the alleyway - kudos to Ali Harvey, Jenn Repp's superb associate!Being April and being Seattle we saw a few drops of rain. Nothing too crazy to keep the gang indoors, but just enough to get to use super charming umbrellas as props!

Dessert, oh my...they had a tower of yummy cheesecakes from The Confectional located in Pikes Place Market. If you haven't made your way down there for a decedent treat yet, do yourself a favor and head down this weekend. Luckily for me (and my couples) I don't want to be known as 'the planner who ate all of the dessert', because we could have had a situation on our hands with me and these cheesecakes! A fun treat for the guests and a family tradition that is influenced by Matt's English heritage came in the shape of the favors! Each guest received a 'cracker' made by Olde English Cracker up in Bellingham that had a festive hat. They were great for the party and for the pictures!
Thanks again to Matt & Tonja for letting me be a part of this most special day!