To Mic or Not To Mic, That is the Question?!

"How was Angie's wedding last night?"

"It was super fun!"

"I bet the ceremony was beautiful!"

"Actually, I couldn't hear a word. The officiant didn't wear a microphone."

"Oh, lame."

Don't let this be a conversation your guests have after your wedding! Sure you are offering free food and cocktails, but don't forget your guests attend your wedding to actually witness you getting married! If they can't hear you or the officiant it will make for a lousy ceremony for your guests.

How can you avoid such a situation? Simply get a microphone for your officiant! A mic will allow both you and the officiant to be heard clearly wherever you get married. And don't fret about it being an eye sore or in the way of your special moment, you can rent a lapel microphone that the officiant can wear that are barely noticeable to the crowd.