Meg & Chien say "Wei Do"

Hello again friends! Please allow me introduce you to this amazing couple: Meg & Chien. I have to say, the story of how they met is my favorite of all time!!

Meghan had agreed to run a half marathon with a friend of hers, but she didn’t exactly train for it. So when she ran the race, she ended up fracturing her foot! However, what should have been an awful day turned out to be life changing. She ended up in the ER, and low and behold it was Dr. Chien Wei to the rescue! You can see where this is going right!? He personally called her the next day to check in on her (swoon!) and after they got off the phone, Meghan knew she had to find his number to ask him out. She was afraid if she called him at the hospital it would be a conflict of interest, so she searched and searched for him online only knowing his name (she acknowledges she went into full blown stalker mode for a bit). But it worked! She found him and asked him out to dinner! As they say, the rest is history! I love it!! 

They had such a fun wedding day style and Bloomed Out did an amazing job putting together Meg's bouquet! They had cool color combinations on a hot August day, perfect for summer in Seattle!

Could these two be any cuter!?

There were quite a few elements in this wedding that made it really unique. They really put a lot of thought into how to incorporate their family members. 

Of course these two had their siblings in their bridal parties, but Meg has a brother and Chien has a sister. I loved that they went outside of the box and decided to have their own siblings stand on their side, regardless of their gender. So nice!

In addition to serving as a groomswoman (or is it groomsmaid?), Chien’s sister designed their faboosh invitations and helped create the day of paper as well.

These two decided to get married at the Seattle Aquarium. It is such a unique Seattle venue & fun experience for guests! A super cool thing about this is the fact that Chien’s dad actually designs large aquariums all around the world as his job. How random is that?!

They held their ceremony out on the pier on one of the most gorgeous days! The blue skies and boaters out on the water provided them with some glorious photo ops. And they had a very dear friend of theirs officiate their wedding, making it that much more meaningful.

After the "I do's," guests enjoyed the perks of the aquarium setting by interacting with the marine life as they sipped their cocktails. Kiddos played in the touch tanks, and they did an otter feeding before dinner. What a cool experience, and surely one that would be hard to top!

We really got down with the marine theme and incorporated that into nearly everything including the paper, the colors, and the cake. Check out this cake, y'all! Meghan's sister-in-law baked their wedding cake and created the purple octopus out of fondant. 

These two LOVE dessert and wanted to incorporate both of their cultures into everything. Meg is Canadian, so her mom made Nanaimo bars to represent Canada, and her family is from Scotland where she spent six months studying, so they got tarts from Whole Foods to represent the Scottish. Then they got Moon Cakes from Smacha Tea to represent Chien's side and they had macarons for themselves, because they're their favorites! All in all there was a wide array of diverse dessert options to choose from!

Right before the sun set, these two lovebirds ventured out for a quiet few minutes alone and allowed Shane Macomber to capture it for them. Worth it!

During the speech portion of the night, Chien's sister suprised him by playing a video of their beloved grandfather who couldn't make the trip from Asia sending them his well wishes for the wedding. Chien couldn't hold back tears when he saw this, and everyone in the room teared up when they saw him crying. This photo of Meg comforting him is my favorite photo of the night, hands down. 

They wanted to avoid the usual clanking of glasses that can go on and on, so instead they decided to get really creative! They said that if an entire table got up and sang a song with the word "kiss" in it as a group, they would kiss! And guess what? EVERY. SINGLE. TABLE. ended up singing a song! It was hilarious and it really got the energy flowing during dinner. Way to go, you guys!

Then it was time to dance the night away! Unfortunately Chien's mom broke her hip just THREE DAYS before the wedding. How stressful! She rushed into surgery just two days before the wedding, but she never once thought that she wouldn't be there for her son on his wedding day. She rocked her dress and they still had their mother-son dance with Chien pushing her around in her wheelchair. That's dedication!

I'd say the party was a success based on this little guy. DJ Braden Landon rocked the house and some danced until they dropped!

Honestly, it's true what they say... everything happens for a reason. These two are meant for each other! And I'm so glad they chose me to be a part of their journey. Don't we just look so amazing together?!

This is one of my favorite weddings, and I loved all of the personalized details that they included. It was fun to help plan and pull off, and I'm glad the fun continued with writing this blog post to share the fun with all of you! 

I hope you all enjoy your holidays, and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for Clutch Events. See you in the new year!

Thank you to the phenomenal team that collaborated on Meg & Chien's big day! Y'all rock!

Venue + Caterer- Seattle Aquarium

Photographer- Shane Macomber

Florist- Bloomed Out

DJ- Braden Landon

Dessert- Lady Yum + Smacha Tea + Whole Foods

Rentals- The Sweet Side

Hair + Makeup- Off White Makeup & Beauty

Photobooth- Atomic Photobooth

Videography- Travis Lawton Photography