Wedding Day Emergency Kit List!

There are a few things I never leave behind when heading to an event.
My timeline - check!
A change of shoes - check!
My phone (duh) - check!
My nalgene bottle - check!
And last, but not least - my emergency kit - CHECK!
It doesn't matter what the occasion is, where it is held at or how many people/vendors attend, someone WILL need something out of my kit.

My E-Kit is a one stop shop of must have items and a treasure trove of 'I would have never thought of using that' bag of tricks!

My most common used item is a lighter. No shocker there, 99% of weddings have candles. But my favorite random item to have handy is chalk! Chalk is great for hiding red wine spots, dirt scuffs or your Great Aunt Edna’s favorite lip stick shade! The powder in chalk is absorbent, kind to your fabric and best of all white so it blends with nearly all white & ivory wedding dresses! I think I utilized my chalk about six times this past summer!

Below is my entire checklist of items that comes with me to every event...I was never a girl scout, but I'm definitely prepared:)